Praise for the book

“I love how this book breaks down and simplifies what can be a very confusing game.”

— Gigi Fernandez, Tennis Hall of Famer

“… Players of any level can learn something that will help their game. Best of all, tennis coaches can use this book to enhance their group doubles lessons.”

— Dan Santorum, CEO, PTR

“This practical manual meets beginning players where they are and takes them further along their journey as competent doubles players.”

— Wayne Elderton, Head of Tennis Canada Coaching Development & Certification for B.C.


Meet Gyata

I’m an author and tennis coach, living in upstate New York. As a coach, I specialize in introducing adults to the game and developing doubles players. I completed my coaching certification in Canada in 1995. In addition, in 2018 I became a PTR Certified Professional. I’ve learned about doubles through study, practice, coaching, playing and competing. My coaching style blends tactics (how to play the game), technique (the tennis strokes), movement, mind/body awareness and fun!